Palette Knives - Cimarostti
Finesse Blender Pens for Colored Pencils
Finesse Colored Pencil Blending Pens

Palette Knives by Cimarosti Romeo

Classic Italian paiting knives made from one piece of tempered steel. The hand forged shafts are mounted on a polished hardwood handle with a brass ferrule. Available in 30 patterns.



Available individually or in boxes of 6 each

Item No. Item No.  
SPAR0001 SPAR0016 Finesse Blender Pens
SPAR0002 SPAR0017 
SPAR0003 SPAR0018 
SPAR0004 SPAR0019 
SPAR0005 SPAR0020 
SPAR0006 SPAR0021 
SPAR0007 SPAR0022 
SPAR0008 SPAR0023 
SPAR0009 SPAR0024 
SPAR0010 SPAR0025 
SPAR0011 SPAR0026 
SPAR0012 SPAR0027 
SPAR0013 SPAR0028 
SPAR0014 SPAR0029 
SPAR0015 SPAR0030