Origami Specialty Paper

Origami, Specialty Papers & Rolls by Folia

All our Origami, specialty papers and rolls are manufactured by Max Bringmann Co. in Germany.  They are Europe's leader in products for the art, hobby and office markets.  Select from 100 or 500 sheet packages of Origami or a wide variety of papers for new and exciting art projects.


Folia Origami Papers

Colored Squares & Circles  

10 beautiful colors in each - Choose from 100 or 500 sheet pacakges

Colored Squares 
100 sheets / 10 per color 500 sheets / 50 per color
Item No. Item No.
8915 8960
8920 8965
8915/0 8970


Aluminum Squares and Circles   

Two sided metallic foil allows for stunning origami projects. Colors include red/gold, gold/gold, silver/silver, blue/gold and green/gold. 10 sheets of each color per package

Item No.Size
99556 x 6
99608 x 8
9965/05.9" Circle

Transparent Squares  

Lightweight coated sheets in red, yellow, light green, dark green, white, blue orange, purple, pink and brown. 500 sheets / 10 assorted colors per package

Item No.Size
825/156 x 6
825/208 x 8

Rainbow Squares  

Glossy paper with a random rainbow pattern printed on one side. 100 sheets per package

Item No.Size
7166 x 6
7178 x 8
716/05.9" Circle

Iridescent Folding Squares  

Unique iridescnet origami paper in 3 different textured patterns. 10 colors in each pattern. 50 sheets per package

Item No.Size
31156 x 6
31166 x 6
31176 x 6

Folia Specialty Papers

Transparent Paper  

 Available in 5 vivid colors and rainbow, this very sturdy transparent paper is ideal for almost any art or craft project, including scrapbooking, note cards and

stained glass.

Item No.Color    Size      
87000White19.5" x 31"
87014Yellow19.5" x 31"
87020Red19.5" x 31"
87036Blue19.5" x 31"
87054Green 19.5" x 31"
77080Rainbow13.5" x 20"

Transparent Paper Roll 

Light easily passes through this high quality lightweight (42gsm) transparent paper.  Achieve stained glass effects with back-lit surfaces or on windows.

19.75" x 27.5" * 100 sheets with 10 assorted colors