Folia Paper Products

art paper by Folia

Folia art papers are produced by Max Bringmann, Co. in Germany. We selected artist papers designed and packaged to inspire the imagination of a wide range of consumers.

Folia Art Papers

50 bright and intense colors to choose from. Folia paper accepts a range of artist media, cut and fold easily making this paper ideal for almost any creative project

Full and Half size sheets available

100% recyled material / Acid Free / Lignin Free

Full Size Sheets - 19.5" x 27.5"

140 lb. / 270 gsm 10 sheets/package

Color Chart
Item # Color Item # Color
6100White6137Violet Blue
6101Pearl White6138Turquoise
6110Chamois6141Light Orange
6111Straw6151Light Green
6112Lemon Yellow6153Moss Green
6114Banana Yellow6154Emerald Green
6115Golden Yellow6155Grass Green
6116Deep Yellow6158Fir Green
6117Ochre6161Metallic Silver
6119Hibiscus6166Metallic Gold
6120Hot Red6172Light Brown
6122Dark Red6174Red Brown
6123Pink6175Deer Brown
6126Light Pink6170Dark Brown
6127Wine Red6180Light Grey
6128Dark Lilac6181Iron Grey
6129Old Rose6184Stone Grey
6130Sky Blue6185Chocolate Brown
6131Pale Lilac6186Blue Grey
6132Dark Violet6187Graphite
6133Pacific Blue6188Anthracite
6134Middle Blue6190Black
6135Royal Blue77095Rainbow

Half Size Sheets - 8.5" x 11.5"

74 lb. / 130 gsm and 140 lb. / 270 gsm 25 sheets/package

Color Chart

Item #

Item #


Item #

Item #

270 gsm130 gsm 270 gsm130 gsm 
6190067900White 6193667936Ultramarine
6190167901Pearl White6193767937Violet Blue
6191167911Straw6194167941Light Orange
6191267912Lemon Yellow6195167951Light Green
6191467914Banana Yellow6195367953Moss Green
6191567915Golden Yellow6195467954Emerald Green
6191667916Deep Yellow6195567955Grass Green
6191767917Ochre6195867958Fir Green
6191967919Hibiscus6196167961Metallic Silver
6192067920Hot Red6196667966Metallic Gold
6192267922Dark Red6197067970Dark Brown
6192367923Pink6197267972Light Brown
6192567925Mint6197467974Red Brown
6192667926Light Pink6197567975Deer Brown
6192767927Wine Red6197667976Terracotta
6192867928Dark Lilac6198067980Light Grey
6192967929Old Rose6198167981Iron Grey
6193067930Sky Blue6198467984Stone Grey
6193167931Pale Lilac6198567985Chocolate Brown
6193267932Dark Violet6198667986Blue Grey
6193367933Pacific Blue6198767987Graphite
6193467934Middle Blue6198867988Anthracite
6193567935Royal Blue6199067990Black

Folia Corrugated Art Paper

Brightly colored corrugated sheets are both rigid and flexible. Perfect for a wide range of projects.

Full Size Sheets - 19.5" x 27.5"

10 sheets/package

Color Chart
Item #Color Item # Color
741000White  741060Silver
741010Natural 741065Gold