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Escoda - Brush Features
Escoda Barcelona

Barcelona Escoda's home since 1933

Nestled in the Catalan region of Spain, Barcelona is a city of deep history and exciting modernity. A global center for art, design and even dining, Barcelona seems the perfect home for Escoda. The brushmakers of Escoda are constantly exploring new approaches to their craft while maintaing a firm respect for traditional methods. They are proud of their city, its rich history, and its vibrant sense of creativity.
Escoda Family.

Heritage three generations of master craftsmen

Over 75 years ago, Escoda was founded by Josep Escoda Roig. Today the company continues with a 3rd generation of Escodas. The company's reputation for quality and committed service was greatly expanded under the watch of Josep's sons Ricard, and Josep. Today, as they pass the reigns to their children there is great confidence that Escoda's legacy will continue to expand throughout the world.