Charcoal - PH Coate



P.H. Coate willow charcoal

The Coate family has specialized in the making of willow charcoal since 1819. The Somerset Levels of southwest England create the most extraordinary environment to grow willow like no other in the world. This artist charcoal possesses a velvety smooth stroke and a rich deep black hue not found in any other brand. The charcoal is sorted by diameter in its natural shape.

     Item 3005  Item 4024



Item #Style
Standard Box 
1001Thin 25/bx
1002Medium 25/bx
1003Thick 12/bx
1004Assorted Lengths 30/bx
1005Extra Thick 4/bx
1006Scene Painters 12/bx
1007Tree Stick 1/bx
1008Assorted 4-10 mm 20/bx
Small Box 
2001Thin 10/bx
2002Medium 6/bx
2003Thick 3/bx
300548 Assorted Boxes Cardboard Display
4024Classroom Pack